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Rocks Teacher's Pack

40 page science books and materials in multiples of 6, 12 or 24 sets per box
The highly visual, step-by-step instructions enable students to work independently.

Author: Penny Norman, Ph.D.
Editor: Ann Einstein


Student Experiments

Model the layers of the earth from core to mantle to crust
Distinguish between thin but dense oceanic crust and thicker but lighter continental crust
Learn how the crust of the earth is fractured into moving tectonic plates that separate and collide over the eons and pull apart Pangaea
Explore density with a convecting lava fountain
Discover how differences in density not only created the Earth’s layers but also provide the driving force for tectonic plate movement
Categorize rocks by how they are formed: igneous, sedimentary or metamorphic and investigate the igneous rocks: pumice, obsidian, cinder, basalt and granite and which are intrusive and which extrusive
Learn how most of the thin ocean crust is made of the igneous rock basalt while the continental crust is more granitic.
Model both lava flows and pyroclastic eruptions and discover which types of volcanoes tend to be pyroclastic and which are not.
Learn about cratons, the ancient stable cores of the continents
Explore why basaltic oceanic crust is so much younger and thinner than continental crust.
Learn how clastic sedimentary rocks are formed and identify them by particle size
Do settling and deposition experiments, make a conglomerate, layer and cement together a sandstone and compare these rocksŁ with actual sedimentary rocks
Burn biological rocks and learn how coal is formed
Make fossils and investigate where certain types of fossils are likely to be found
Identify which metamorphic rocks are transformed through heat, pressure, friction or chemical fluids from particular igneous and sedimentary rocks and diagram the rock cycle
Learn which two common elements make up most rocks, what are the 11 common rock forming minerals and why basalt and granite have such distinct mineral composition
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These Teacher’s Packs are designed so that students have their own reader and materials.This Pack has a number of consumables. Replacement consumables can be purchased through ScienceWiz. Extensions to the primary projects are feasible as there are sufficient supplies for all.

Internet animations, videos and interactives complement the classroom experiments. Supplemental internet materials allow students to progress at their own pace and to their own level of interest and detail. Contents periodically updated by scientists and educators.

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