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Charge Teacher's Pack

40 page science books and materials in multiples of 6, 12 or 24 sets per box
The highly visual, step-by-step instructions enable students to work independently.

Author: Penny Norman, Ph.D.
Editor: Ann Einstein

Major Awards

    Design funded by the
National Science Foundation
   Scientific American's
Young Readers' Book Award
   National Parenting Magazine
Award, the GOLD
   Creative Child Magazine Award
This Charge and Electrostatics Kit begins with a classic set of hands-on experiments to introduce key concepts: static charge, charge carriers, storing charge, discharging charge, like charges repel, unlike charges attract, grounding and polarity. Using this kit, students then explore the characteristics of charge through the building and manipulation of 6 electrostatic devices, combining an engineering approach with fundamental science. Step-by-step, highly visual instructions and the use and manipulation of everyday materials brings clarity to the phenomenology of CHARGE! These STEM projects culminate with the building and use of a Van de Graaff Generator. Note that the Franklin bell and the electrostatic motor work convincingly when combined with the electrostatic generators. The student built generators also make crowd pleasing electrostatic fountains as well as providing hair-raising experiences. Be sure to use this internet website to further explore, enrich and extend the experiments incorporated within the Charge kit.

Student Experiments
include the making of six electrostatic devices:

a Leyden jar
an electroscope
an electrophorus
an electrostatic motor
a Franklin bell
a Van de Graaff Generator
These projects develop student understanding of electrical charge and include an engineering approach to electrostatics. A classic set of experiments provide an enriched as well as engaging experience for both students and teachers.
Item #9903   list price $30 USD Per Student
Direct to Teachers NSTA Special   12 Pack HALF OFF SALE (available only during the National NSTA Conference in 2016)

Requires 2 D-cell batteries per Electrostatic Generator

The online teacher lesson plans coordinate the ScienceWiz Charge projects with web-based materials.
These include animations, videos, interactives and assessment materials.

Supplemental internet materials allow students to progress at their own pace and to their own level of interest and detail.
The web contents are periodically updated by scientists and educators.

These Teacher’s Packs are designed so that students have their own readers and materials. Extensions to the primary projects are feasible as there are sufficient supplies for all. This Pack has a few consumables. Replacement consumables and parts can be purchased on this website or by contacting ScienceWiz™.

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