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Charge! Build a Van de Graaff Generator!

Ages 12 and up
40 page science book with materials


Projects in Electrostatics!

Build 6 different devices to explore CHARGE!

  • Build a hair raising Van de Graaff Generator
  • Detect charge with an electroscope
  • Store charge in a Leyden jar
  • Spin an electrostatic motor
  • Transport charge with an electrophorus
  • Ring a Franklin bell
  • Complete 15 Activities with these devices:

  • Spew a glitter fountain
  • Make your hair stand on end with electrostatic CHARGE!
  • Generate large sparks with an electrostatic generator
  • Spin an electrostatic motor
  • Explore and detect plus and minus charges
  • Propel objects with an electrostatic generator


Item #7814.................................list price $24.95 USD

Requires TWO D-cell battery

Author's Comment:
This kit includes the parts for building a real Van de Graaff Generator. For best results use a good ground and as well as low humidity!
BE SURE TO ENTER the Portal to Discovery to explore the incredible activities you can do with this electrostatic device.


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