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Deluxe Chess - Once a Pawn a Time - with Custom Chess Pieces

Author: Patzi Stewart
The deluxe version includes large
(3.5 inch king) custom chess pieces

Want your child to love chess as well as master it?

The author, Patzi Stewart, taught a generation of lucky children in Berkeley, California to play chess. Now Patzi has put her teaching secrets into print! In this set of products she reveals the principles of chess in a new and engaging style.

The five star winsome Chess: Once A Pawn A Time
books takes a beginner through the fundamentals of chess play.

Instructional Storybook One begins with a whimsical introduction to all the chess pieces, the two chess kingdoms, and the board layout. Your child will understand the basic moves for each piece at the completion of this book. Storybook Two of Once a Pawn a Time develops your child's novice playing skills by exploring the strengths and weaknesses of each chess piece.

"I loooove this set! It is perfect for beginners, kids AND adults! The instructions booklets are hilarious and so easy to comprehend. Any literate child could teach him or herself how to play the game in an hour or two. The chess pieces are made of a high quality durable plastic, not your typical made in China flimsy stuff (even though they are still made in China) . They even come with a velvet bag for safe keeping. My 6 year old could play with this all day long, and he is not even a nerdy indoor kind of kid. I cannot say enough great things about this and would highly recommend giving it as a gift to ANYBODY ......"___by Alicia a reviewer on Amazon

Item #7856.........................list price $29.95 USD

Review from a former student, now in college and still a chess lover, Zak says,
“ Patzi is one of the best teachers I ever had!”


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Chess: Once a
Pawn a Time

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Chess: Once a Pawn a Time-Book I

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