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Ultra Capacitor Car

Ages 8+
Full color instruction sheet with materials

Explore the future NOW!

  • Be among the first to build a high performance electric car
    that runs without a battery!

Using an ultra capacitor instead of a battery,
your car can accelerate almost instantly to race-car speeds.

Unlike batteries, ultra capacitors can be charged very quickly and
be recharged 100,000s of times without wearing out.

Kit contains an ultra capacitor, motor, wires, car base, car body, decals, wheels, axles, gears, washers and battery band.
You may want some SUPER GLUE to hold it all together as this car races away at impressive speeds and tends to ram into walls!

Item #8051........................................list price $9.95 USD

(NOTE: Requires one D-cell battery for charging)


Author’s Comment:
Your future electric vehicle may well use ultra capacitors instead of batteries. Again, unlike batteries ultra capacitors can be charged and recharged almost instantly and be recharged hundreds of thousands of times without wearing out. The challenge is to create an ultra capacitor, perhaps with nanotube technology, that has the energy density of a lithium battery. The race is on to do just that. View the videos above and to the right for more information. We notice on Amazon that some young children are confused and THINK they are playing with a battery. Think again. An ultra capacitor is NOT a battery. This kit represents a very good value as the price of a single ultra capacitor, not generally sold in stores, is often more than the price of this whole kit! Explore the FUTURE now.


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